Far into the future, different factions fight throughout the galaxy for control of resources using armies of advanced machines...
Metal Factions is a FREE 3D real time strategy game that runs on the Spring RTS engine.

It's an evolving game that currently features four factions: AVEN, GEAR, CLAW and SPHERE.
Main Features

  • 3D terrain and units
  • Intuitive physics with real-time simulated gravity, collision handling and projectile trajectories
  • Over 400 units including humanoid robots, tanks, ships, aircraft, buildings, defenses, etc.
  • Large variety of viable strategies : overpower your enemies with a determined push or overwhelm them with multiple fronts and sneaky guerrilla tactics. Bombard them into submission with land or naval artillery or cripple them with air strikes!
  • Play against other humans or against the AI
  • Works on Windows and Linux

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Latest Version

v2.20 - 2023-06-05
(changelog here)

Recommended SpringRTS engine version is "105.1.1-1774-g5e966db BAR105".


The game can be downloaded and played through a SpringRTS lobby client. Recommended clients:
  • Skylobby
    NOTE: Skylobby hides the faction change option by default. To enable it, go to "Settings" > "Battle" and change "Players display type" from "group" to "table"
  • Springlobby

Install the lobby client first, then you can get the necessary packages (engine, game, maps) through one of the following methods:

--------- Method 1 (recommended)

Get both the necessary engine and game versions by joining the official Spring server (lobby.springrts.com:8200) using the lobby client, connecting to the official server and joining the "nebula" MF battle rooms.

Lobby clients should download games, maps and engine versions automatically.

--------- Method 2

If you already have the lobby client, engine and maps, Metal Factions can also be downloaded through here and manually placed on the Spring data directory (typically "C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\My Games\Spring\Games" on Windows or "/home/<USER>/.spring/games" on Ubuntu Linux).

--------- Maps

You can find more maps here.