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Metal Factions is a FREE 3D Real Time Strategy game that runs on the SpringRTS/Recoil engine.

It's an evolving game that currently features four robotic factions: AVEN, GEAR, CLAW and SPHERE.

As a robotic Commander, set up a base and expand to control the scarce metal and geothermal resource spots throughout the map. Grow your army and economy then overwhelm opposing forces to achieve victory!
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Main Features

  • 3D terrain, units and intuitive physics with real-time simulated gravity, collision handling and projectile trajectories
  • Four different factions with over 600 units, including robots, tanks, ships, aircraft, buildings, defenses, etc.
  • Make each faction your own by choosing specific morph forms for its revivable commander, upgrades and selection of optional units!
  • Large variety of viable strategies : overpower your enemies with a determined push or overwhelm them with multiple fronts and sneaky guerrilla tactics. Bombard them into submission with land or naval artillery or cripple them with air strikes! It's calibrated to allow a larger variety of openings than similar games and many units are viable throughout the game instead of units from later tech tiers simply replacing the low tier ones
  • Play against other humans or AI, which has different strategies and difficulty levels and it's also possible to build custom strategies
  • Works on Windows and Linux

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To play, install a multiplayer lobby client application for SpringRTS/Recoil games. Start it, then register on the Metal Factions server (, connect and join a battle room. It'll then download the required content automatically (game, maps and engine). Supported clients:
  • Skylobby - MF version (coming soon)
  • Skylobby
    • Installers: Windows Ubuntu/Debian Fedora/SUSE
    • If your main server list does not show the Metal Factions server, add it by clicking the "Edit" button next to the server selection box, then on any server fill in the Metal Factions Server Properties then click "Add server" (the confirmation button changes from "update" to "add new" if the server url changes)
    • Skylobby's battle room view hides the faction change option by default. To enable it, go to "Settings" > "Battle" and change "Players display type" from "group" to "table"
  • Springlobby
    • no longer recommended due to possible compatibility issues with Recoil engine builds and inability to stay connected to multiple servers simultaneously

Official MF battle rooms moved from lobby server ( to its own server in June 2024, but there's still a dedicated battle room for Metal Factions on the which can be used to download the required packages and check the game.

You can find more maps here and on Springfiles. These can be manually downloaded and placed on the "maps" subdirectory within the spring data directory (typically "C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\My Games\Spring\" on Windows or "/home/<USER>/.spring/" on Ubuntu Linux)