The Factions

The core gameplay is similar for all factions : try to grow a metal and energy economy while hindering the opponent's. There's a core set of units for each which includes scouts, economy buildings, defenses, artillery, heavily armored units, raiders, planes, etc. but different factions' "toolboxes" have some unique units and emphasise different archetypes.

Each faction has some unique units and shows biases toward specific unit types and attributes, but also has a few units that have opposite traits, so players need to scout to figure out what their opponent is really up to.
AVEN   Speed and Diligence.
AVEN commander and a few units
AVEN has more variety of affordable, fast and aggressive units, but they are usually lacking in firepower or resilience. They have a bias toward movement speed.

Some of their signature weapons are cheap EMG, disruptors that deal less damage but paralyze enemies and highly mobile hovercraft. They also have aura effects that boost movement speed and HP regeneration of nearby friendly units.
GEAR   Progress. By any means necessary.
GEAR commander and a few units
GEAR has deceptively powerful units which are usually lacking in some odd way. Some are clumsy and inaccurate, others have very low range and/or very slow speed. Others deal indiscriminate damage.

They have no all-terrain land units.

Some of their signature weapons are flamethrower units that set enemies on fire, heat rays, kamikaze units, pop-up defenses and very heavy tank options.
CLAW   Power to Us.
CLAW commander and a few units
CLAW has more variety of units which have a bias toward high firepower and range, usually at the expense of speed, resilience or a lower price tag.

Some of their signature weapons are miniguns, railguns, laser cutters and energy ring launchers.
SPHERE   Endure and Prevail.
SPHERE commander and a few units
SPHERE has more variety of resilient units, although many are somewhat slow and not as cost-effective at dealing raw damage.

SPHERE has no cloakable units.

Some of their signature weapons are lightning beams, energized plasma cannons and anti-gravity flying armored spheres that require lots of energy to move. They also use energy for defense through unit and area shields that quickly regenerate.
Unit Reference

Available units and key attributes

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