Unit archetypes and in-game icons

When zooming out, or on the minimap, the icon that roughly matches each units' archetype is shown. Each icon is composed of a base that matches the unit's mobility type with an overlay that matches its main feature. The descriptions are shown below.

AircraftAircraft: flies over terrain obstructions, relatively fast but lightly armored (L armor type)
GroundGround: generic mobile ground unit which cannot cross deep water or steep slopes
All TerrainAll-Terrain: multi-legged ground unit that can climb any slope on land
StaticStatic: immobile, used for buildings
ShipShip: floats on water, can't move on land
SubmarineSubmarine: floats below the water surface, can't move on land or shallow water
AmphibiousAmphibious: can move through water (floating or across the floor) and also on land
Flying SphereFlying Sphere: flies over terrain obstructions, heavily armored but consumes a lot of energy to move. Targeted like other ground units

RaiderRaider: relatively fast unit with a short-ranged weapon
FighterFighter: unit with a short-medium range weapon, generally able to hit fast units and air with good DPS/cost
AssaultAssault: unit with relatively high HP/cost and short-medium range weapon. Good at absorbing damage
Fire SupportFire Support: unit with medium-long range weapon, relatively low DPS/cost and/or bad penetration (mostly L), good against fast units and aircraft
Heavy Fire SupportHeavy Fire Support: similar to the previous, but with better range, spike damage and penetration at the expense of lower cost-efficiency against light fast units and aircraft
Artillery Fire SupportArtillery Fire Support: unit with a medium range weapon with relatively good DPS and penetration but can't target or hit fast units and aircraft effectively
ArtilleryArtillery: unit with a long range weapon with moderate DPS/cost but can't target or hit fast units and aircraft effectively
BomberBomber: air unit with a short range weapon that can't target or hit efficiently fast units and other aircraft
MultipurposeMultipurpose: unit with multiple weapons and abilities that fills multiple roles. Jack of all trades, master of none (considering its cost)